We Provide

IoT Integration Solution Service

QBS has been specialised providing IoT solutions and services across industries. Its IoT solutions help clients to build applications using available IoT device, sensors, framework and platform, to integrate the available hardware and software solution with clients existing landscape or implement a new IoT solution for enterprises.

The applications of the Company’s IoT Solution includes connected equipment in the enterprise (Enterprise IoT) and industrial assets such as machines, robots, or even workers in smart factories and industrial facilities (Industrial IoT, the essential component of Industry 4.0).

QBS provides full-range IoT services comprising consulting, development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution. It has a business portfolio including the provision of IoT integration solution services, IoT maintenance and support services and IoT projects and ventures BPO services, and with approximately nine years of experience in the IoT software and hardware engineering services in Hong Kong.

The Company’s IoT solutions focus predominantly on the below segments:

  • Smart building and home automation
  • Energy and utilities
  • Industrial manufacturing and automation
  • Smart retail
  • Smart transportation, logistics, and telematics

IoT Maintenance and Support Service

Maintenance and support service will be highly demanded due to the long-term usage and the need for being competitive in the clients’ industries. Following the completion of QBS’s provision of the IoT Integration Solution Service, on-going maintenance and support services under a separate engagement and providing maintenance and support services on consumable hardware, software (license) purchased.

The maintenance and support services offered by us entail ad-hoc technical services, IoT system administration, maintenance, secondment and corrective services. We are also engaged to renew their licences for subscribing individual IoT systems, hardware and software provided by the IoT products vendors.

IoT Business Process Outsourcing Service

QBS provides BPO services to IoT projects, BPO of IoT projects provides an end-to-end technology service outsourcing services to help enterprises launch IoT projects or ventures, creating a new technology solution, upscaling an existing IoT application or integrate any IoT solution with a legacy system through a reliable and cost-effective way addressing a business challenge.

IoT BPO services ensure:

  • New Product Launch Success
  • Product Transitions & Life Cycle Management
  • Roadmap & Technology Reviews
  • Business Planning
  • Target Operational Model
  • Forecast Management

QBS offers technical consultants for flexible assignments of the Clients, such as the process of recruit, train, manage team building of consultants and related administrative work. We are also in charge of all technical aspect of IoT by deeply analysing client’s vision and create IoT technology solutions that would enable our Clients to build a new IoT based products and to establish a new business model. The BPO of IoT Projects helps in every step of the way with both hardware and software that can adequately address the complexity and fragmentation that exists in their IoT project, including hardware integration, software integration, system architecture, sensor monitoring, device management and connectivity, data analysis etc.