Mission - Co-build Together!

Through our IoT platform, tools and services, we help enterprises through its digital transformation, launch IoT initiatives, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate any IoT solution with a legacy system to help them become more innovative, effective and productive. By utilising our services and products, clients can gain instant access to critical information, manage and control devices and systems with the Internet or other networks.

About QBS Group LImited

QBS offers services in on-site hardware deployment and installation, technical support and maintenance, third-party service integration, and assistance in launching IT-related projects between IoT technology companies and their clients. Special service includes new technology incompatible adoption with existing hardware, QBS is an expert in developing the interface software to ensure technical compatibility and provide on-site testing services.


We also offer IoT hardware equipment on-site deployment, installation, and system testing services, such as installing and setting up POS systems and equipment (printers, cash drawers, installing and setting up apps on mobile devices, etc.) for restaurants, setting up, debugging, and back-end application training for smart vending machines, and more. Post deployment services include technical support, user training, and equipment maintenance services for the project.

About QBS System Limited

Since its founding in 2011, QBS has been specialised providing IoT solutions and services across industries. Its IoT solutions help clients to build applications using available IoT devices, sensors, framework and platform, to integrate the available hardware and software solution with clients existing landscape or implement a new IoT solution for enterprises.

The applications of the Company’s IoT Solution includes connected equipment in the enterprise (Enterprise IoT) and industrial assets such as machines, robots, or even workers in smart factories and industrial facilities (Industrial IoT, the essential component of Industry 4.0).

QBS provides full-range IoT services comprising consulting, development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution. It has a business portfolio including the provision of IoT integration solution services, IoT maintenance and support services and IoT projects and ventures BPO services, and with approximately nine years of experience in the IoT software and hardware engineering services in Hong Kong.


The Company’s IoT solutions focus predominantly on the segments mentioned below:


l  Smart building and home automation
l  Energy and utilities
l  Industrial manufacturing and automation
l  Smart retail
l  Smart transportation, logistics, and telematics